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Permanent Life Insurance

It is fully guaranteed and designed to offer you permanent financial support for life. Your premium and the values that accumulate in your contract over time are guaranteed for as long as the contract remains in effect. You can also pay up all your premiums using a quick payment option.

Life insurance with the possibility of monthly payments in the event of a loss of independence:

Who will take care of you? As we get older, we experience physical limitations, and easy tasks sometimes become difficult. When that time comes, it's important to have sufficient financial resources. For this reason, there is a Life Insurance option in place that offers all the advantages of permanent life insurance and allows you to benefit from the face amount during your lifetime, in the event of a loss of independence. Since Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease affect more and more people, it's reassuring to know that this kind of insurance is available. It could even keep you from becoming a financial burden for your children if one day you can't take care of yourself. In addition, this life insurance policy includes a guarantee that upon death, a minimum of 25% of your face amount will be paid to your beneficiary, even if the benefit paid has completely depleted your coverage.


Term Life Insurance

Term insurance coverage is fully guaranteed and meets a specific coverage need for a defined period of time. Even though it is temporary coverage, at the end of the term your protection can be renewed or converted into whole life coverage without having to answer any health questions.

If you are looking for a customized protection for a term that suits your needs, you can define the duration of your coverage based on your actual need. The insurance coverage you choose can be level or be decreasing which is well suited for credit protection.

The numerous options offered by your traditional insurance will also let you cover your monthly payment to a financial institution in the event of disability. After all, how can you assume your financial responsibilities in the event of illness or accident if your income isn't protected?


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